Incentive Specialist

Sherralyn Peterson provides an array of services to dealerships that are much needed.  Whether it’s preparing for an OEM Sales Audit, in-house auditing, performing Compliance Reviews, reconciling Schedules or revising your processes or internal controls.

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Why Do You Need an Automotive Incentive Specialist?


You Can’t Afford Not To!    Your bottom-line depends on it.


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“Sherralyn Peterson | Incentive Specialist”

Helping Dealers maximize profits, minimize risks, and improve their cash flow by providing in-house Audits, Compliance Reviews, Incentives administration, implementing better processes and adequate controls.

Sherralyn Peterson- Automotive Incentive Specialist


Sherralyn Peterson, Automotive Incentive Specialist is the Incentives Management solution for GM and Ford dealerships – policy, compliance and profitability.

Our Focus

Our Main Focus is dedicated to providing dealers an independent, unbiased and objective analysis of their dealership’s incentive documentation and management.

Scope of Work

A sample of ‘auditable’ deals and programs will be selected for review.  The period covered will mirror the same OEM audit period as allowed by your state statue for Incentives.