Sherralyn Peterson provides an array of services to dealerships that are much needed.  Whether it’s preparing for an OEM Sales Audit, in-house auditing, performing Compliance Reviews, reconciling Schedules or revising your processes or internal controls.

1. Perform In-house Auditing and Compliance Reviews

  • Find out if you’d “Lose Your Shirt” in an Audit and never had a clue
  • In-depth compliance review of Deal Jackets (200+ deals)
  • Find employee errors that cost YOU money
  • Fix specific non-compliance issues

 2. Already Received an Audit Notice?  Let Me Help You Prepare For It

  • Helps learn the “Do’s & Don’ts” before, during and after an Audit
  • Review targeted Deal Jackets to identify major non-compliance items/areas
  • Immediately fix problems and non-compliance items
  • Review drastically reduces the risk of a large chargeback
  • Assist during Audit Appeal Process (help prepare response letter, supporting documents, arbitration and/or mediation materials)

3. Reconcile Factory Incentive Schedules

  • Get over-age incentives PAID; fix rejects and chargebacks
  • Find and fix accounting set-up errors and erroneous entries
  • Convert ‘write-offs” to dollar$ instead

4.  Train Personnel (Sales and Business Office):                                        

  • Incentive rules, guidelines & recent program changes
  • OEM On-line Websites, tools and resources
  • Required Deal Jacket content, forms and documentation
  • Set-ups, rejects, chargebacks and reconcilements

5.  New Dealership “Fast Start” Training Program

  • Comprehensive session on Incentives
  • CDR/RDR reporting, required fields, how to handle & fix rejects
  • Delivery reporting, delivery dates, delivery/sale types, fleets vs. retail vs. commercial
  • “Red Alerts” in accounting and schedules

6.  Presentations to Dealer Associations, CPA Firms, Attorneys and Dealer 20 Groups

  • Managing Risks, Avoiding Fraud
  • The Value of Internal Controls and Processes
  • Costly Employee Errors and Tactics
  • Maximizing Profits and Impacting the Bottom-Line with Incentives
  • Audits on the Rise…Are You/Your Dealers Ready?