About Sherralyn Peterson

Sherralyn Peterson is an Automotive Incentives Specialist serving GM and Ford dealerships throughout the U.S.  An accomplished automotive professional with more than 30 years of automotive experience and independent dealership consulting, Sherralyn Peterson offers a unique combination of knowledge and skills based on a background in both the corporate and dealership environment.
A former Dealer Auditor, Regional Audit Manager, Finance Manager and Senior Sales Incentives Consultant, she has an extensive background in Auditing, Internal Controls, Policy and Compliance.

She is known by many dealerships for her conducting of Sales Audits, clinics and presentations to dealerships while at General Motors.  She has also trained dealership teams on Incentive Guidelines and Policies, as well as conducted on-site visits, assessments and consulted with over 200 dealerships on Incentive issues from 2002-2005.

After retiring from General Motors in 2005, she decided to provide a ‘niche’ service to dealerships that was much needed and untapped.   The business was launched in 2006, providing elevated levels of Incentives expertise for dealerships.  Her desire to help and a sense of contributing are still achieved and even more so as an independent entrepreneur.

A personal approach, confidentiality and the most effective use of clients’ time are always the main priority.

Corporate Experience and Qualifications:

  • Dealer Auditor – Chevrolet Division
  • General Supervisor – Dealer Incentives and Systems (BARS)
  • Regional Manager – GM Corporate Audit Services
  • Incentives Financial Analyst- Brand Marketing
  • Policy Administrator – VSSM Vehicle Sales & Marketing
  • Senior Sales Incentives Consultant – North Central Region, GM-VSSM

Independent Entrepreneur Experience and Accomplishments:

  • 14 years of success as an independent Incentives Specialist
  • Secured clients in 31 states throughout the U.S.
  • Conducts presentations/webinars for Dealer Associations, CPA Associations and Attorneys
  • Over 22 articles published in trade magazines and automotive eNewsletters

While she initially only serviced GM dealerships, Ford was subsequently added in 2009 after clients’ requested her expanded services.   In addition, a few Mazda and Nissan dealers have requested and been assisted with feature reviews and post-audit accuracy verification.

Results and Successes:

  • Recovered or saved more than $6.8M in Incentives for Dealers
  • Identified $820K + in lost profits due to employee error
  • Found $485K in accounting entry/set-up errors
  • Total  impact $8.1 million!

 Dealers Often Believe:

  • They’re in good shape and don’t need help
  • Their employees are doing it right
  • Their Factory Receivable Incentive Schedules are accurate and current
  • All their incentives are PAID

                  My Findings show quite the OPPOSITE!


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