Our Focus

Our Main Focus is dedicated to providing dealers an independent, unbiased and objective analysis of their dealership’s incentive documentation and management.  All results are reported to the Dealer Principal or the designated Manager.

No findings are ever reported to the Manufacturers or any of its employees.  Confidentiality is respected at all times.  Clients are not discussed nor disclosed to other dealerships, unless consent has been given by a dealer.

A professional approach will be used at all times.  All information reviewed relative to the business or customers will be treated as confidential; all information or details of assignment will be treated as confidential amongst employees and anyone outside of the dealership.


Will work as efficiently as possible to provide a complete assessment and solution to any known problems. Training will also be offered in the needed areas or specific staff.  Frequent or daily updates will be given to the dealer principle throughout the assignment.


It is our hope that you will give the ultimate compliment by referring our services to your fellow dealer colleagues and dealer friends.