Sherralyn Peterson, Automotive Incentive Specialist is the Incentives Management solution  for GM and Ford dealerships – policy, compliance and profitability.

An Automotive Incentive Specialist Can:

    • Provide expertise in all aspect of IncentivesSherralyn-Peterson- Incentive Specialist
    • Conduct In-house Audits and Compliance Reviews
    • Help you prepare for a Manufacturer’s Sales Audit
    • Reconcile your Factory Receivable Schedules of over-age balances
    • Get unpaid Incentives PAID; resolve rejects/chargebacks that your staff can’t
    • Find employee errors that cost your dealership dollar$
    • Conduct Training sessions with Staff (Sales and Business Office)
    • Be an independent resource with no allegiance to the Manufacturers

It can all add THOUSANDS OF DOLLAR$ to your BOTTOM-LINE!

Why not give your dealership a “Physical Exam” to ensure that you are in compliance with Incentive Policies & Guidelines.  The results will surprise you; then my corrections, implemented controls and training will give you peace of mind.

Benefits to You:

    • Cash to Your Bottom-Line
    • More Profitability and Better Cash Flow
    • More Efficient Processes/Controls
    • Educated Staff
    • Minimal Risk of Costly Audit Debits


So, Why Do You Need an Automotive Incentive Specialist?

You Can’t Afford Not To!