Incentives Alerts & News

Incentives programs, manufacturers’ policies, forms, and documentation requirements are always changing so it is Sherralyn Petersoncritical to stay on top of all of these.

In addition, there are changing rules, critical targeted GM Sales Audit areas, claims processing, BARS, and DBC issues.

If you aren’t receiving or miss GM Notifications and Bulletins; or you don’t take time to read the many daily GM Messages or monthly Program Announcements …then this Subscription Offer is for you!


Here’s a Preview of a Few Upcoming ‘Alerts’ and Topics:

  • “Chip Crisis” Issues and Impacts
  • Delivery Date Clarifications
  • Current GM Sales Audits
    And much more!

Incentives Alerts, News & Updates



for a One-Year Subscription

How do YOU keep up?   

Need a “sure-fire way” to catch news, updates or interpret rule changes?





A subscription will:
♦  Provide valuable advice and guidance
♦  Save you time and money
♦  Keep you off the “Audit Radar”!





Here are Some of my Prior Alerts Sent….. in Case You Forgot:

  • Recent VPP Program Change – Spouses
  • GM Audits – They’re Backkk…
  • Incentives Updates, Issues, and Reminders
  • Revised Discounting 2021 Models for GMS/GEX
  • 1st Responder Program Changes
  • Supplier of the Year Program
  • CTP Service Loaners Rules for Drivers
  • GM Audits “Credit Opportunity” & Current Audits
  • What’s New with Incentives During COVID-19
  • Cadillac Dealers Update
  • New Required Form for Incentives Management


DISCLAIMER:  While there is no way to know how often programs will change, be advised – these are just  Alerts and Notifications  – my way of keeping my Dealer Clients informed.  The best protection to minimize your risk is to schedule an “In-Dealership Incentives Compliance Review” (a deep dive into your Documentation and Processes).   Call me at (312) 310-8380 to schedule your dates.

NOTE: Please respect this exclusive Offer’s Copyright and NOT distribute it to any other outside Dealerships or Organizations.



  1. What does the Subscription Fee include?
    Answer: Unlimited Newsletters, Alerts, and “Info Blast” exclusive to my Dealer Clients.
    It is a way to keep you informed in between my In-Dealership Reviews.
  2. How many issues are included?
    A minimum of four (4) publications per year and as many times as any new incentives and program changes occur.
  3. Is my Dealership Payment Information secure?
    Answer:  Yes. Payment processing is done through PayPal which is a secure and well-established way to send and receive money. In terms of safety, the recipient doesn’t even get to see the sender’s bank account number or credit card number, so you actually disclose less financial information than in some other transactions.
  4. When will I receive my 1st Newsletter?
    Answer: The first issue is planned for early July.
  5. How do I renew my Subscription?
    Answer: A renewal “Reminder Alert” will be sent to all Paid Subscribers 30-days in advance of your Subscription Expiration Date.
  6. If I missed a prior Alert or Info Blast from this year or prior, how can I get a copy?
    Simply email or call me and I will send you a copy.
  7. Can I add other Staff/Team Members to your Distribution List? How?
    Answer: Each Subscription can include up to four (4) Dealership Email Addresses. Due to staff turnover and position rotations, I ask that you forward a copy to any other Internal Dealership Staff as needed. Please contact me for any Adds, Updated Email Addresses, or any questions you may have.

NOTE: Please respect this exclusive Offer’s Copyright and NOT distribute it to any other outside Dealerships or Organizations.


Refund Policy 

If you prefer to pay by check please mail your payment to:

Sherralyn Peterson
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The subscription will be activated upon receipt of payment.  Please send an advice message to  so we know your subscription request is coming and can expedite the process when your funds arrive.