Scope of Work

A sample of ‘auditable’ deals and programs will be selected for review.  The period covered will mirror the same OEM audit period as allowed by your state statue for Incentives.


 Scope of Work and Levels of Review:Audit Files- Sherralyn Peterson

  • Formula Priced/OEM Employee Discount Program Purchases
  • Doc Fees
  • Private Offers /Direct Mail Offers
  • Loyalty/Conquest Type Programs
  • Fleet and Commercial
  • Daily Rentals and Courtesy Transportation Vehicles
  • Driver Ed Units
  • Livery/Limo/Funeral Vehicles
  • Business Choice/Commercial Connection Programs

Other Important Areas Reviewed:

  • CDR/RDR Input
  • Retail vs. Fleet volume deliveries
  • Required Deal Jacket content and forms
  • Disclosure of add-ons
    And more…..

What We Deliver:Sherralyn-Peterson-Audit-Process

  • Conduct training session(s) with applicable staffs, based on findings
  • Summary Meeting with Dealer, General Manager, CFO and/or designated managers
  • Five (5) reports with statistics and summaries of findings
  • Organization of all deals in order of status
  • Recommendations and observations